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Scorpio and Libra
by Jim D'Amato

You are emotional, sensitive, perceptive, intelligent and idealistic. You are so sharp you can know what some people are thinking by the expressions on their face or their body language. You are compassionate, tolerant and somewhat naive but possess considerable charm and social grace. You are a good host because you can make most people feel at ease in difficult situations.

Early in your Life ambition is a major driving force. Most of Life's important lessons will be learned in your processes of maturation. You develop a real worldliness because all these experiences teaches you considerable discrimination. Try to understand people without being to too cynical because most people in the world fall considerable short of you expectations and ideals.

As life comes your direction, you'll probably develop ample self-confidence. Practical and idealistic at the same time, you are most likely an excellent diplomat. Careers that you will do well in include diplomacy, people and business management, logistics, science and counseling. You also have flair for drama and would do well as an actor or writer.

This is a horoscope position of considerable nervous tension and intensity, the native needs to learn relaxation. Regular exercise of a vigorous nature is recommended. This native is highly sexed and need lots of that energy release also.

In love and relationships you are affectionate, idealistic, loyal, passionate, romantic and sincere. Family life and children are very important but please always remember you need a lot of sex.

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