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Scorpio and Pisces
by Jim D'Amato

You are intense, deeply emotional, instinctual, kinda psychic and very sensitive, but have strong creative talents in several areas. You really appreciate and respect the creative abilities of others. You also have a good sense of humor and many communicative skills.

You are charming, speak well, are innately social and usually popular with the opposite sex from an early age. You are a natural at expressing the dramas of life and make a good stage actor or performer because of that dynamic and expressive nature and your facial or physical gestures. The artistic professions could bring both financial success and fame.

You understand people well and make a good manager or executive because you are a motivator and always get the most out of your people. The conventional business world is mostly easy for you and will provide a good living for your family if that's your choice of endeavors. But you are not so materially motivated.

You are more highly sex than most would suspect and may have a secret love stashed in an out of the way place. There is also probably a hidden side to you and your personality. You can be subject to depression.

In love and relationships you are affectionate, passionate, romantic and sensitive. You do better in life with a mate but that relationship may be quite unconventional.

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