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Scorpio and Scorpio
by Jim D'Amato

Executive Type

You are dynamic, magnetic and full of creative energy. You are a force to be reckoned with; extremely commanding but not too demanding. You will most likely go far in life. You have a good balance between emotions and intuition which produces extraordinary decision making capabilities and inspiring thoughts. You make a excellent executive and manager because of that personal charisma and all those abilities of dealing with and motivating people.

Creativity and energy are the natural outward expressions of your being but their real power comes from the considerable family and sexual nature that is your essence. You are able to have real power over people if you choose to use your magnetic charm on them. Being in the public eye is possibly a good career choice. All your sexual power can be directed into successful businesses if you like that field of interest or just be used in creating a large family.

You may not be as competitive as you seem on the outside and find the greatest solace in less material ventures. Music and the arts may also be alluring to you. You are a master at dramatization or expressing the drama of life, in terms other people relate to.

One weakness of this strong combination could be that you become to enamored with yourself and begin using your powers to manipulate and dominate others. You love ruling the roost but need to learn compassion.

In love relationships you are devoted, loyal and passionate but don't want to be dealing with people you don't respect and admire. You like to be thought of as the family's leader. You could totally control weaker mates which is not a good idea for succeeding in a long term relationship and it hurts the family unit, too.

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