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Scorpio and Taurus
by Jim D'Amato

Executive Type

You are both sensitive and strong, having considerable emotional depth and feelings as well as a universal understanding of Life. Plus you have a powerful vessel [your body] that can coordinate, hold and manage these attributes in a positive direction. An ability to use your strengths as a motivational tool and a tremendous personal charisma take you far in life. A prominent leadership role is natural.

You have grand aspirations and goals plus the ability to make them happen for this is a combination of enormous energy and accomplishment. Your mostly conventional thinking process are based on providing survival for you and your family, not on some larger meaning or purpose.

Early life experiences and experimentation makes you shrewd and engrains an excellent business sense. Opportunities always seem to be coming your way instead of somewhere else and that's not just luck. You could be very superstitious and think that certain people or places work best for you. You are probably right.

Pride and dignity are important, as you like being the center of attention but hate being the brunt of a joke or prank. You have charm, like being social and love drama. You are highly sexed and need a partner or someone sexually amiable always around.

In love and relationships you are passionate and loyal but could also be petty, jealous and vindictive. Family life is important, and could be highly harmonious if you let it be that way, several children are indicated.

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