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Scorpio and Virgo
by Jim D'Amato

Executive Type

You have an awareness and worldliness that has been diligently and sometimes rather embarrassingly acquired in youth. This is as a result of processing your over-abundant nervous and sexual energies. You learn to hide your emotional stress with a dynamic personality and good sense of humor.

You have a sharp mind for business in general and it's financial details in particular. You are a leader not because of power or domination but from the admiration of others and respect for your accomplishments. You have plenty of ambition and will mostly achieve your rather lofty goals.

You are critical, intellectual and opinionated and should spend a lot time developing your affinity for communication and personal expression. You have a flair for analyzing, criticizing or dramatizing events and ideas, which could bring you much more attention and money than mainstream business pursuits.

You are an attractive person with a good deal of sex appeal, the understated kind. Your dress, manners and social graces are rather conservative but underneath boils a truly ardent soul. You enjoy good food and good entertainment.

In love and relationships you are caring and passionate but a little too social for a jealous mates needs. You need affection and constant companionship or social interaction. Use some of the critical mind power you possess to select a psychologically secure mate and you will be much happier in the long run.

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