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Taurus and Aquarius
by Jim D'Amato

You are independent, intelligent, inventive, perceptive and have a real easy going personality. You are social, like being around people as well as tend to understand them pretty well. You are a natural leader and your opinion is asked for a lot. You could be quite attractive and popular with the opposite sex.

You understand the use of force, application of power and how to govern people. However, you are usually much more interested in your own agenda than one of some group or the establishment. You views are fairly conservative but can revolt against the powers that be on issue your personally concerned with, especially if you think someone is being pig headed.

You have a good announcing or speaking voice and an incredibly long and sharp memory. Music and the arts are important to you. If financially successful you could become a patron of the arts and a vigorous art collector, maybe going as far as building museums. You understand the value of antiques.

The one weakness of this mostly powerful combination is a proneness to frustration when under considerable stress and in some cases this native turns into violence. Your home is quite important and should be as large as possible and as remote as possible. You are extremely sexual and require a mate that is equally so or more so, or you will stray.

In love and relationships you are affectionate, loving, loyal, romantic and very sensuous. Although you will probably marry early, your children and family are very important. You see your children as a way of bending the future society in your direction.

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