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Taurus and Cancer
by Jim D'Amato

Executive Type

You are strong on the outside but sensitive on the inside; most folks might be surprised that you are rather easily offended. A stiff looking exterior is good at covering-up your insecurities. People have trouble reading you and never seem to know what you're thinking. This can be very helpful in business. It also helps you lead the groups you frequent because you always seem in control.

You have got communication and diplomatic abilities usually not associated with these Astrology signs. You respect authority and order but also see that many changes are necessary in society. You have an uncanny ability to deal with human beings differing desires and still make the majority of them happy. Businesses that deals in commodities, currencies, goods or with land and estates are ideal for your mentality.

This is one of the combinations that will do much better in business and life after it settles down and gets married; you probably won't find a suitable mate until around 30. Family life gives you the confidence and emotional stability that was previously missing in your essence to really flourish in a career; once it's established you could go on to become one of the captains of industry.

Your home and it's stability are of great importance because that's where you feel most comfortable. You will get the biggest property you can afford and it's considerable luxury will primarily be on the inside not the exterior. You love food, cooking at home and the meal preparation process.

In love and relationships you are affectionate, romantic, passionate and sensitive. You need a lot of affection and unconsciously know that to get a lot, you must give a lot. Your mate and children really give you security.

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