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Taurus and Capricorn
by Jim D'Amato

Executive Type

You are sharp, creative, charming, confident and gracious which can make you a very influential person in society. You have an analytical and critical mind which is extremely productive in virtually any area of interest. You like being able to control you own destiny as well as subordinates.

You are realist who has good instincts and are a shrewd judge of events, people as well as the public. You make an excellent politician or business executive. You tend to know what the masses are thinking, what they will be thinking in the future, and what they want. You are usually able to give it to them.

Security is the primary drive and goal for this Astrological combination, Earthly security in the present, not some promise of security in the future or martyrdom in the afterlife. Some may read this as unabashed materialism but that would be incorrect, you are just practical. You are interested in keeping power with the establishment and achieving a high status in that organization.

Building your own dynasty of some sort could be the major project of your life. Building and/or designing different kind of buildings, structures or what's called infrastructures is the most natural business for you. Land development and building resorts also interest you.

In love and relationships you are loyal, sentimental and sexual. You are not in a hurry to get married but will do so in your own good time and should have at least a couple of children. You love being at home which is your castle and which itself could be a castle you built.

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