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Taurus and Gemini
by Jim D'Amato

You are very intelligent and a visionary but probably do not appear that way to people. You tend to be a social butterfly, a fairly adventurous spirit and could be quite aggressive in some respects but laid back in others. One thing for sure is that constantly being in motion is the credo of your younger years. What you are seeking; is already inside you but this will not come into your awareness until Saturn returns between 28 and 30.

Business is difficult for you until you learn to focus and concentrate. If that is your career bent, the training of a good business college is recommended. Taking both speech and debating is highly suggested. You will be able to put all these philosophy's into effect for your benefit once you learn them thoroughly.

Being involved in the building industry or helping to develop the immense worldwide communications infrastructure are natural businesses for your Astrology combination. The opportunity's are infinite; almost.

A home is very important to long term stability in your life. When you finally make a home and settle into a fixed routine that will bring the centering and comfort you've always been seeking in life. Your sexuality is personally of great importance but many people may not see that side of you even though you are quite social.

In love and relationships you are a affectionate, caring and a true romantic, one that has enough innate stability so they can really live out their fantasy's. Children are indicated.

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