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Taurus and Leo
by Jim D'Amato

Executive Type

You have creative mind, are dynamic and magnetic, also seemingly fearless plus honest and forthright. You have strong opinions and feel compelled to share them with people. The manner you have in public is expressive and inspiring. To practically nobody's surprise many times you find more than an abundant number of sympathizers, making you a natural leader and executive.

When you dislike someone or something it is not a logical decision, it's instinct and you will usually stick with that; most of the time you will be right, too. You can be rude, brash and loud at times but get more conservative as you age.

Building things is your forte, whether it's just designing them, being an architect, or being the contractor who builds the structure, the developer of the project or the owner of the land or real estate the project is built on.

If need be, you can get by alone as well as be aloof and too independent. You are a very sexual being and need constant companionship; also friendship is very important to you. A weakness is that your idealism in terms of love and relationships can never be met, it's just too impractical. Hopefully this doesn't detract you from seeking a mate and never marrying.

In love and relationships you are intense, loyal, passionate and romantic. Creating children and a family will bring great personal satisfaction, as will building a home for them.

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