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Taurus and Libra
by Jim D'Amato

You are intelligent, idealistic, romantic and sociable, tending to be popular with most folks. Emotions might run away with you early in Life, hurting your soul deeply but you will and do survive, and will be much better for the experiences in the long run. From an early age you are popular with the opposite sex.

Physically you are likely to be attractive, statuesque and have quite a presence. You have good communication skills and probably a good singing, speaking or acting voice. You can use these with natural talents in that area to achieve success in the arts if you so choose.

Business is liable to be the area of Life you are most interested in however. You are a good manager but may be too stern with subordinates. You really like to build things like; bridges, communities, highways, hotels, hospitals, houses, office buildings and in the process creating your wealth. One weakness this native has is that it might get side tracked by love.

Your home and sexuality are both very important. A large luxurious home gives you security and that really helps romance in your eyes, so you will buy the largest you can afford. You may not get married till later in life, even after all the early attention.

Once you learn not to be devoted to unworthy partners, love and relationships will probably bring the greatest joy to your Life. You need affection and passion; giving and getting it regularly will allow you to become well balanced emotionally. With the right partner, a good marriage will provide excellent consistency in life. Children are indicated.

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