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Taurus and Pisces
by Jim D'Amato

You are creative, sensitive and a considerably softer person than you appear to be on the outside. You have many strengths but they really need to be qualified because your dominate emotional nature is likely to be a raging thunder storm on the sea of life. Getting centered and staying focused are the things you need to learn most in life. Just do it.

Your most logical career is vocalist or musician. You have a fabulous singing voice plus excellent communicative or creative abilities that help you to compose tunes of an emotionally compelling nature. If you take the time to get the years of suitable voice training you could become very popular, even famous and maybe very wealthy.

You enjoy social gatherings, attention and flattery but could be put upon friends. One negative aspect of this Astrology combination is that you may be subject to the wounded puppy-dog syndrome, always taking-in damaged souls. You also may have secret life, one which involves fantasy; and one that the majority would be shocked if they knew about.

Your home is very important to you and will become a place of security and solace. Being directly in-touch with the earth or land in a hands-on manner is an excellent hobby for you, i.e., carpentry, gardening or ranching.

In love and relationships you are affectionate, loyal, sensitive, highly impressionable and very sexual. When you attract a mate that balances your intensity and gives you what you really need in a relationship instead of being just a taker; Life will feel wonderful. Children are indicated.

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