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Taurus and Sagittarius
by Jim D'Amato

You are communicative, social and fond of people. You really like the energy exchanged in the groups you support and are keenly aware of the powerful nature of those social happenings. You instinctively know what to say to who and how to say it, in virtually all circumstances and do so in a rather direct manner usually without offending people.

You are interested in philosophy, religion, the ethics involved in same, and discussing these subjects with others. Teaching the aforementioned subjects could be an ideal occupation. You're a great storyteller or writer and should exploit that ability in some financial way. Traveling to historical sites will help your insights into the philosophy's from the past and may provide a vehicle for future success.

You views tend to be fairly traditional but with an eastern flavor. You stick to your guns, "being called stubborn many times" but this takes courage and you have a healthy dose of that. You have extremely high morals, principles and sense of what is right and what is wrong. You may to sit in moral judgment on your friends and family, in particular and the society in general.

Actually should the truth be known, you are never happier than at home sitting in your favorite chair by the fire reading a good book on your favorite subject. The home itself is probably larger than most, a little rustic but luxurious and maybe out away from the city.

In love and relationships you are very idealistic as well as being romantic, loyal and supportive. You like being with you chosen partner [one who has similar standards] and children are indicated.

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