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Taurus and Scorpio
by Jim D'Amato

Executive Type

You are dynamic and magnetic in a nice understated sort of way. You command attention, respect and could be quite a handsome specimen who is popular with the opposite sex from early on. You probably grow-up quite quickly, in the process learning many lessons others would never expect. The knowledge, insights and leadership techniques learned during this adolescent period will be invaluable later in Life.

A deep and strong emotional side is just underneath your exterior. You are perceptive without being overly emotional except when it serves your purpose; and when it does serve you, you can be quite dramatic and make the masses believe it. The key to your success in life will be using this mechanism correctly. Managing your considerable emotional nature successfully and not exploding which is a distinct possibility, is going to take some training.

You can be hardheaded and stubborn but also very reasonable when things have to come to a compromise. Instinctively you know when to fight and when to acquiesce to another, however you would fight to the death to protect your family. As a youth you may dislike authority but you learn understand authority and power, using it to your advantage later in life.

You could be the benevolent dictator who rules their land or business with an iron hand. You would probably like to live on a nice expanse of property with a large home or ranch on it.

Home, family and children are very important to you. In love and relationships you are very sexual and passionate, also loyal and sincere. You believe in love, companionship and raising a traditional family.

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