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Taurus and Taurus
by Jim D'Amato

Executive Type

You are energetic and creative, also strong and with the broadest of shoulders. You stand out in a crowd, are sociable and very dynamic. Responsibility seems to come to visit you early in life but you are always up to the task. You gain considerable worldliness because of the above early experience and make a natural leader.

This Astrology combination is basically quite a conservative soul and genuinely respects authority and power of the establishment from an early age. You also see enormous potential for yourself in or near the part of society. From then you strive to get a lot of money and power for yourself in the future.

You are patient and will wait a long time to get something. In fact you might wait till later in life to marry because generally you are in no hurry, you usually want to get your finances settled first. You have a lot of pride and may be quite vain.

A business attached to the earth or land is best for you because it is second nature to your essence, OK 1st [double EARTH here]. You understand that everybody has to sleep or have a place for them and their family to live, so why not provide that service and make a large profit in the process. You could get very wealthy from farm or ranch ownership, building grand housing developments, or building or owing enormous hotel properties or resorts.

In love and relationships you are affectionate, loyal, passionate and very sexual. A family, home and children are indicated. You could have occasional anger fits, where you act like a child when it comes to not getting your way in family matters.

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