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Taurus and Virgo
by Jim D'Amato

This combination gives two basic personality types which are dependent upon the other major aspects in the horoscope. If there are no other significant aspects in the native's birth chart, that person will have considerable common sense and be confident, easy going, charming and poised in Life, with money coming relatively easy to them. But they will not have that drive and persistence needed to be highly successful, so they will probably just sit back, enjoy and watch Life leisurely float by. It could be a lot worse.

If however the native has strong aspects to the Sun, Moon or Ascendant the native will be an utter dynamo. They will be creative and highly energetic plus have the luck and common sense of the above native and be confident, easy going, charming and poised. With the added extra of good business judgment the natives success in almost any field is assured. You do like to build things like; hospitals, houses and hotels.

You have a bright, curious and critical mind, one that does especially well at detailed tasks, finances being your forte. You are quite amiable and enjoy being social. Your social grace and charismatic personality will help you attain lofty status in the community.

You have a relatively conventional viewpoint about almost everything, want to be part of the established order as well as promote that lifestyle. You really like dining on exquisite healthy food at an excellent restaurant, your luxurious home and being there, also you may like being in the out of doors a great deal of the time.

In love and relationships you are affectionate, loyal, romantic and much more highly sex than it appears in the outside. Family and children are indicated.

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