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Virgo and Aquarius
by Jim D'Amato

You seem to be sort-of-very-warm and romantic but could actually be a pretty detached person who is innately rather cold and extremely self-sufficient. Interested in the cold hard facts of the situation, you make an excellent detective whether searching for a cancer cure, an ancient lost city, a missing child or your keys.

You have a critical, intelligent and inventive mind which does well at analyzing data or people. The Earth sciences and information processing would probably be admirable careers but you can also do well in social work or patient care where your emotional detachment and sympathetic nature is certainly a help.

Early in Life social gatherings tend to intimidate you, but you eventually learn all the necessary graces. You will be able to judiciously express your rather conventional views when you take the time to train your innate communication skills at a good university. Being an art critic, or food, movie, music, TV, etc., critic are other careers that could bring you considerable attention personally and socially. You would like that a lot.

This is a highly nervous but very discriminate horoscope placement, you love good food and the ritual that goes with dinning. A nutritious diet is especially important to your long term health, as are exercise and relaxation.

You might not particularly be interested in love, relationships and sex. This is one position that could easily be a monk or a nun but don't do that because you would be missing the really fun parts of life.

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