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Virgo and Aries
by Jim D'Amato

You express yourself as dynamic and powerful but are much more bravado than brave, in fact you might really be quite timid at the core. You are full of energy but do need to relax occasionally. You have some large ideas but may have trouble accomplishing them; do your duty and take action first before you talk about it. Build a strong foundation. Skyscrapers all have a deep foundation.

You are best at tasks that are analytical, critical and intricate in nature. Repetition doesn't bother you, you could even thrive on it, getting better and better each time you do something. You are practical and rather conservative socially both in manner and dress.

You have innate energy which cries for a creative outlet. Making something out of the earth, itself, that is useful to others will be emotionally very satisfying to you personally and if you make those objects with your own hands, like pottery or jewelry, you could become world famous for your workmanship. Also wealthy.

You have very critical and discriminating tastes for food and people. You are a patron of the arts, especially the theater and may have a secret desire to be a theatrical actor. You really love the idea of getting public attention and adulation for doing a good job on the screen or stage.

In love and relationships you tend to be caring, intense and passionate but a little to critical for a lot of the opposite sex. Lighten-up or you could spent a lot of time alone.

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