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Virgo and Cancer
by Jim D'Amato

You are caring and kind but naturally very shy as a youngster. Your emotions and sensitivity need to be asserted with others. Learn to stand your ground when you are right. But first make sure your right. Although self-confidence grows as you mature, your probably never going to be clamoring for attention. You like being social but will have to push yourself to acquire the necessary graces. You are highly appreciative of the arts particularly the theater.

Your mind is agile, analytical and of good critical judgment. You have many creative ideas which you surprisingly express fairly easily. You can handle fine detailed work but lack the focus and consistency to be a huge success. Your values are mostly conventional but may harbor some secret desires and fantasy's.

You are not a particularly vigorous person, sometimes running out-of-gas or falling ill when not wanting to, nerves. Your are one of the people that really needs to watch their health, especially diet and digestion[not just food]. If you do the necessary research to find the correct diet you will have consistent energy and vital health from that regimen.

You might find the ideal business for your financial success through the path of seeking health and vigor for yourself, the natural foods business. Whether as a grower, manufacturer or retailer; this business will boom over the next century as people realize artificial ingredients and chemicals are poisonous both to humans and the environment.

In love and relationships you are affectionate, caring, devoted, loyal and loving, making a good mate. Insist upon emotional reciprocation and Life will be very good to you.

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