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Virgo and Capricorn
by Jim D'Amato

This Zodiac combination is a "wannabe" Executive Type. Other strong aspects in the horoscope will determine if the native actually is such a person. With other creative aspects natives succeed in climbing the social ladder to authority, influence and worldly security. Without creative aspects the native achieves mild success but never gets the gold ring. In either case it's not till later in life that goals are achieved.

You have an analytical, critical and sound mind as your best asset, it's able to decipher most needed information through it's long drawn-out processes. Your conservative value system is based on the environment you grew-up in. During youth acceptance of your elders is quite important to you and this holds you back the maturation processes.

Through-out life you have a dogged determination and fair attitude that win you favor with many people. You have an appreciation of the arts especially the classics and if become wealthy, will likely be a patron of the arts.

You become the master of your destiny in love after a few earlier disasters. Intimate experiences finally allow you to gain enough confidence to effectively relate in the later years. Around mid-life, publicly and socially you show an earlier hidden spirit and personal magnetism.

In love and relationships you will learn to be affectionate, caring and considerate, better late than never, however. You do attract a good mate who becomes your staunchest supporter. The hard, early lessons are worth it.

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