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Virgo and Gemini
by Jim D'Amato

Quickly analyzing the latest data is your forte and you like being in the thick of the battle or debate, figuratively not literally. Your detailed, tactful manner is popular with people and you are able to speak your rather conservative viewpoint to a sizable number of them. Politics is your favorite issue but any subject or thing may strike your fancy; from appendages to fashion to zebras.

You are highly adaptable and can use your critical nature in an almost infinite number of ways. You would do well in the law profession where your attention to detail and ability to speak equally well for either side is a real bonus. You want to see progress in society, at your pace, and have a bit of the reformer in you.

You are quite the social animal or butterfly, floating endless around gatherings seemingly always unattached; this seems aloof and disjoined to some. You'll do better socially if you do mostly dinners instead of mostly cocktails. You and alcohol are not particularly a good combination. You have very discriminating tastes and might even think yourself the aristocrat, intellectually.

A weakness of these natives is usually their emotional nature and/or nervous system. You are an adrenaline junky and also likely to be a work junky; that's not good for long term survival. The physical body is not a match for your mind. Remember you need something to carry that brilliant brain around in, a body. "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy." Slow down, relax and enjoy Life, it's really just a brief moment in the Universe.

In love and relationships, you may not have a particularly great interest. When relating with the opposite sex you tend to be inexperienced and more sentimental than passionate, more critical than romantic. Not a good position for someone seeking the red hot lover.

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