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Virgo and Leo
by Jim D'Amato

You have a creative and critical mind that likes social contact and interaction. You like being the center of attention at gatherings. There is enough vital energy to talk many a night away but not enough to dance all the same night's away. Much of your energy is of the more nervous variety.

You pride yourself on a strong character and a devotion to duty. You always try to do the right or most honorable thing, hoping that will bring the rewards you think you deserve. Maybe deep down you don't really trust your own abilities and subconsciously project that to people which sabotages some of your goals.

The establishment which you have a real fondness for is not likely to reward you the way you want or expect. You want authority and need less duty's not more duty's. Being not particularly good with management or leadership you can become very frustrated, angry and even self-destructive when over burdened with responsibility. You are best at analyzing data and financial books, probably making a good account but watch out for tax time.

You have critical tastes in most areas, particularly food. Long term health will depend on proper diet, relaxation techniques and enough exercise.

In love and relationships you are kind, sentimental and sometimes very passionate but don't find much happiness in that area unless you do serious work on skills in that area/issue. Love must be given unconditionally but only to the right people.

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