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Virgo and Libra
by Jim D'Amato

You have an idealistic and intelligent mind as well as a real critical bent, also there are many strong organizational abilities in your essence. You have an easy going personality and the social graces that make you popular with both sexes. You know how to do your duty and make a good impression on the public and superiors at the same time.

You're so smart you can get bored easily. Your curiousiness makes you seek knowledge in many different areas and you can master all of them if you want. You could be a bit of a snob because you begin to think you really smarter than everybody else. You actually may be, but keep it to yourself.

Many of the arts fascinate you especially dance, music and the theater. You may long to be a performer at one of them. That career in the artistic field is more likely to be as a manager or critic, either of which could be quite rewarding. You would also make a good office or materials manager.

You love good natural food which should be called health food in your mind. You also have chef abilities and many diverse tastes in that area. Your long term health is dependent on a good diet, relaxing and exercise. You are aware of that from considerable study in the area, just do it.

In love and relationships you are idealistic and romantic but also very practical. You appeal to and are discriminate with members of the opposite sex and more conservative than most would believe.

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