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Virgo and Pisces
by Jim D'Amato

Your mind is curious, critical, logical and very perceptive, indicating wisdom way beyond your chronological years. The powers of reason and insight you have are substantial, leading you as well as many other people to trust your hunches. You have a deep, strong soul that will be tested. You have a strong metaphysical or psychic bent and need to follow it but stay grounded in reality. You enjoy the arts, particularly music.

You are compassionate, sentimental, sympathetic and may feel the need to help the lesser souls of the universe. Youth may have you reeling because of the rampant injustice in our society. But Life is not fair!, not by a long shot and you in particular need too learn that or be swallowed-up by the unfairness. You will do well emotionally plus feel good about yourself if you find a way to provide a constructive service to humanity.

You believe in shouldering responsibility and paying your dues before reaping the just rewards. Putting people to work and making them productive and useful is a central theme to your whole philosophy of life.

Besides charitable work you have other career options; communications [TV or media writing and editing will be your forte], craftsperson [you have the pride and patience needed to do intricate detailed and skilled work], construction-worker [you like to build things and say "I built that or helped build that] or fashion [your knack for creating clothing with fine details and popular color combinations].

In love and relationships you are affectionate, caring, empathetic and supportive. Youth is likely to be emotionally painful as you learn relating but by the late 20's you get it dialed in and begin to enjoy rewarding personal unions.

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