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Virgo and Sagittarius
by Jim D'Amato

You have two distinct sides, one that is emotional and intuitive, the other that is analytical and critical. Aligning these personality aspects constructively is your biggest challenge in life because you tend to think in large philosophical terms not practical everyday survival.

Travel agent is a natural business for you because of an ability to handle the small details needed to make overseas trips go smoothly. Having journeyed around yourself, you know what can go wrong in a foreign country and are able to prepare your clients for those eventualities better than most.

You are conservative but a bit of a reformer with a considerable philosophical flair. You may really admire Asia, particularly the Chinese who's civilization and philosophy has been around for over 6000 years. You enjoy the study of ideology's and metaphysics, reading all you can get your hands on relating to the subject. You may even get to the point where after considerable study, you think it's now time to teach this information.

You are quite social, have discriminating tastes in food, entertainment, clothing and people. You especially enjoy foreign arts and crafts also Healthy Food.

In love and relationships you are warm-hearted and loyal but tend to fall in love with the idea and idealism of romance, love and a relationship not the actual person. The individual realizing this fact is likely to upset your idealistic apple cart.

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