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Virgo and Scorpio
by Jim D'Amato

Executive type

You are not what you appear to be, which is likely creative and intelligent. The real essence to you is an extremely keen emotional and intuitive sense plus lightening quick analytical and judgement powers; OK so you are intelligent. This is a high strung position when emotionally overloaded.

Your executive power could be considerable, if you learn to de-stress all the emotional nervousness constantly going on inside. You are liked and respected. You really know how to motivate and treat associates; getting the most out of their productive efforts while remaining very profitable at the same time. You instinctively know well paid people will go the extra mile when necessary, so you pay very well.

You are discriminating and have fine tastes which are on the more conservative side; socially, politically and in clothing and housing. You enjoy good food, going out to eat and the arts. A health food diet is something you think only natural.

The one major weakness of this combination is being wrong and not being able to admit that. That keen emotional nature and intuition can be wrong once in a while. When your critical abilities make a wrong judgement that you fail to see but hold on to it until the bitter end.

You are much more highly sexed than appearances dictate because you need a comfortable very PRIVATE environment to "let go" in. In love and relationships you are affectionate, sensuous and loyal. Your mate will be of considerable importance, select wisely and a harmonious family unit will bring the greatest joys possible.

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