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Virgo and Taurus
by Jim D'Amato

Executive Type

You are analytical, critical, dynamic and energetic. Average success is assured buy this position and considerable success is guaranteed by a good business education and a strong internship. You are a real natural in the corporate world.

You are social, tend to be likable, easy going and should be very lucky. The necessary possessions of Life could come to you too easily and that might make you lazy and make you take survival for granted. Life, really could be a lot worse. It's OK, not everybody has to be competitive. Don't get forced into something you don't feel strongly about.

You have a rather traditional value system and support the status quo as well as the establishment. You could easily see yourself as a pillar of the community if you decide to compete in the business world. In is natural for you to be around people of financially substance in either case.

You enjoy the artistic community, particularly music and voice and if become wealthy will be a patron of the arts. You enjoy you home and are quite a bit more sexual that people would think. You like privacy for the best sex.

In love and relationships you are compassionate, loyal and sometimes very passionate. You are likely to be quite comfortable in a long term relationship, married with children.

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