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Virgo and Virgo
by Jim D'Amato

Executive Type

You are incredibly curious, in youth probably taking everything apart to see, how and why it works. There is a strong tendency in this combination to want to experience everything your rather conventional value system will allow you to do. In the process taking detailed notes that are later analyzed for dissemination into your brain. You develop critical and knowledgeable tastes, for and in practically everything; food, clothing, people, etc., etc., etc.

You have creative energy that can be used in a practical way for all manners of products or substances you believe might have value. Which is, as a maker of the "fine" product or proprietor of the store selling "fine" products. Your attention to good design, details, personal satisfaction of customers and work habits will make you a success.

You also make a good business executive who wants to be part 'n parcel of an enormous established order and support those institutions with vigor. You believe in a peaceful society and work to that end. You enjoy heated debate and vigorous discussions but not fighting or war. You really enjoy the arts and could become a major patron of the artistic community if financial wealth comes to you.

The one weakness of this strong Astrological combination is a tendency toward snobbery. True, you are the most discriminating and intelligent possibility in the Zodiac but not everyone cares about good taste or sees Life in your "Frame of Reference" which can be quite limited.

In love and relationships you are affectionate, romantic and loyal. Being at home with your attractive bright, discriminating and interesting mate might be the best part of your considerable Life to you.

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