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Astral Projection - The Ultimate Out of Body Experience

Find a place to lay down and relax, a comfortable reclining chair, a bed, or the floor will do fine.  Concentrate on relaxing your body for a few minutes.  Take a few deep breaths and try to clear your mind.

Now just do nothing.  Don't worry about any sound you here around you, if you start falling asleep, don't resist, if you have an itch, simply scratch it an move on.  If thoughts start coming in to your mind, let them come and go.  Continue to concentrate on nothing.  Don't push yourself or try, just wait.  What you are trying to do is get rid of all the thoughts of the day, all the worries of life, all the songs that are stuck in your head, and everything else other than silence.

Once you have mastered quieting the mind, it will eventually and automatically go in to the gap between thoughts where time stands still.   This place is the astral plane and has total unlimited potentiality.  At first you will just be a witness to random sights and sounds.  You will know when you have achieved this first level when you realize that time has been warped.  It will seem like you been in the astral plane for 10 or 20 minutes, but when you come out of it, back in to the real world, you will notice that only a minute or two has gone by.

More advanced techniques coming soon!

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