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The Extra Sensory Perception



     Extrasensory perception (ESP) is the ability to obtain information beyond the limitations of our five known senses.  ESP happens normally in everyday life, like when you simply have a feeling something important is going to happen for no reason and it does.  Feelings of de ja vue are believed to be forgotten precognition dreams.  ESP can be divided into many smaller categories, but the three most common are telepathy, clairvoyance, and precognition.

     Telepathy, the best known form of ESP, is the direct transmission of messages, emotions, or other subjective states from one person to another without the use of any sensory channel of communication.  In other words simply sending a message from one mind to another.  Telepathy is particularly strong between people who have an emotional bond and works best in times of stress.  It can be as simple as knowing exactly what someone wants for dinner without discussing it earlier or as complex as knowing when someone close to you is in danger and needs your help.  An interesting example of telepathy comes from a young woman who woke around 2:00a.m. with an urgent feeling that she had to go see a friend who she was very close with.  When she finally went to see her friend later that day they started, and she found out that about the same time of morning her friend had been fighting off a rape attempt.

     Clairvoyants can often foretell plane crashes, major fires, or even earthquakes.  Clairvoyance is the least common of the three extrasensory perceptions mentioned in this article, mainly because it cannot happen on command.   Sights of clairvoyance come suddenly and cannot be controlled, and they are not often recognized for what they are.  Here is an example of clairvoyance that at first was thought nothing more then a strange and disturbing nightmare.  Once a young man who was very close to his grandfather, but they lived thousands of miles apart and rarely saw each other.  This man awoke one morning hearing his grandfather calling his name.   He opened his eyes and thought he saw his grandfather sitting on the side of his bed crying.  He asked what was wrong and his grandfather told him that he had come to say goodbye, and that he loved him.  With that said the image disappeared.  The young man was very disturbed by this, but eventually fell back to sleep.  When he awoke he thought it was all a bad dream and went to work.  After he got home that evening he received a phone call from his sister telling him that their grandfather had passed away around 1:30 that morning.  Clairvoyance is also called second sight and is defined as the foretelling of future or past events, or of knowing of something that is happening a great distance away at the same time as the clairvoyant is 'seeing' it happen.   Clairvoyance is said to occur most often in a state of trance, during which the medium (clairvoyant) describes what he or she sees or foresees.  Such as a man living in the U.S. and watching a building burn down in England in his own mind.

     Precognition and clairvoyance are closely related.   Precognition is the foretelling of events before they happen, but this usually takes place in dreams, whereas clairvoyance often happens when the person is wide awake.   A man named Michael was planning a trip up north to the English provinces.  A few days before the journey he had a vivid dream in which he saw himself speeding in his car when suddenly there was a sharp turn in the road.  He saw another car's headlights coming around the corner and they ended in a head on collision.  Taking his dream seriously he drove more cautiously on his trip.  When he recognized the road from his dream he slowed and therefore avoided hitting a car, head on, that came around the turn in the wrong lane.

     An ESP experience can take the form of a hunch, an uncanny feeling, an intuitive impression, or it can be stronger and more defiant, such as a flash. an image, or auditory signal, a warning voice, or vision, depending on your own make up and inborn talent as a receiver.  Everybody has an extra sense beyond the five known senses relied upon.  It is very easy to find information on telepathy, clairvoyance, and precognition in your local library, and even to find tests to see which form of ESP you possess.  Now is the perfect time to learn more about your extra sense!


This article was posted by
M. Harris of Pacific Junction, USA

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