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 Feng Shui: The Ultimate Alignment

Like a river, life giving energies (Chi) flows in a path of least resistance.  These vital energies are all around us and are influenced and redirected by many different environmental factors.  All the elements of the Earth give off energy in different ways.  When certain energies are aligned they create in harmony in the area.

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 What about you and feng shui?

We'd like to know your thought and experiences on this subject. Please write your comments and opinions in this public place so we can share your thoughts with others.

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In all honesty I am starting to believe in such things and I am interested to know how to arrange my whole life to suit my needs.

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Well, obviously there are some folks with comments below that just don't get it. Listen, folks like Donald Trump use Feng Shui to build buildings. Folks like Nancy Reagan, Albert Einstein and JP Morgan Chase Manhattan use astrology. The handwriting is on the wall. Anyone who agrees with me or wants to know more can reach me at applesandcider1@yahoo.com I have studied the topic extensively. There is DEFINITELY something here. Those individuals who do not see the handwriting on the wall I feel sorry for. How is your job at Burger King coming anyway? Just kidding, but I have used Feng Shui and astrology for years and know its benefits. Those who have ears - let them hear. Take Care, Lisa

A lot of rubbish

i want to have a piece of serenity and remove all Negative energy with my soul and in my home

Hi there.....just arrived on your site and really enjoying the reading....you ask a question about feng shui?...I think it is all about energy and I live in an old English cottage in a tiny hamlet with lots of history...when I moved in here it was hard going and I had lots of strange moments, yes maybe a little English eccentric - quit my job and downshifted, got divorced and it got worse, to cut a long story short I looked into feng shui, bought myself a compass, noted the elements and changed my furniture round, oh yes also de-cluttered and told myself and those close a few home truths - I am more free than I have ever been and it is changing by the day and getting better which is what I love - I breath easy, I see more, I think it is all about psychics and vibrating at a higher level....I never wish anyone any harm and respect everything that lives....so don't think it is all about feng shui ....you have to love yourself and try like mad to love everyone else on this planet...difficult I know but it made a difference to me, everyone has just got to keep talking to each other and seeking out the lonely so they don't lose the point and think no one finds them worthwhile xx

I am born 29April 1953. My luck is not good at all for sometime now. I like to have luck, money, success and careers just like some people. Thanks.

need a new job and direction

i want prosperity and a new job, i am a sheep born on green pig day

all i really know about it is that it is supposed to bring people good luck --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

I want the exact chart for having baby especially baby girl. Pls help me out I read that today doctors are also recommend fen shui. Thanks rashuarya@rediffmail.com

i want to have a piece of serenity and remove all Negative energy with my soul and in my home

Feng Shui is like turning your body into a sort of chemotherapy for your secondary body, that carapace you call a home. you learn to bulldoze certain cancers, which makes you feel better and it all works pretty well.

all i really know about it is that it is supposed to bring people good luck

How is the lucky money cat to be used? Is it to face inside towards you or towards the door? thanks Can it be used in a bedroom/study double use room?

I want a chart to have a baby boy

I am Feng Shui my brother inlays, garden. and i'm having problems with the west and south west sides of the property, 70% concrete. sorry for the spelling. however. the north east and south east is grass and i'm thing would that balance out.


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