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Psychological Definition

GEMINI - Social Non-Survival Dynamic Guide

Born a Gemini?

The dates of GEMINI usually begins on May 21st and lasts until June 21st or the SUMMER SOLSTICE.

EXACTLY 30 degrees of arc in a 360 degree circle around EARTH is the standard that defines all the Astrological signs [30 degrees X 12 Signs] and the ZODIAC. EACH !!, Astrology sign is an absolute measure of distance, 30 degrees 0 minutes and 0 seconds of arc out of a total of 360. That, only, sets the boundaries of the Signs not a certain number of days. AND. There is no such thing as a cusp when it comes to SUN SIGNS. That's why some people born on April 21st are ARIES and some are TAURUS, also that's why some folk born on June 22nd are GEMINI and some people born on September 23rd are still VIRGO'S.

GEMINI is represented by planet "Z" in our solar system.

Planet "Z" has not yet been discovered by Astronomers probably because it is way, way out there beyond Pluto. "Z" is the last planet out in our Solar System, approximately 16 billion miles from the SUN and it's orbit is probably far from the elliptic. It's size and axis are unknown but it's rotational period around the SUN is near 1000 years

GEMINI'S symbol is the Twins. GEMINI is an AIR sign that is again represented by human-like twin figures.

GEMINI represents the Hands, Arms and Lungs in the human body.


All the AIR Signs have the word "Guide" and the word Survival in their psychological definitions. Guide is the keyword for Intellect and Non-Survival is the keyword for change. Change is always going to happen but "How", "When", and "What" is going to happen. Understanding the consequences of a change or changes sometimes is as important as the change itself. Planing, waiting and analyzing the information is what the AIR Signs do best.

GEMINI'S purpose is to peacefully reform Society. GEMINI does this reformation of Society with real communication and good ideas. GEMINI makes good commentators, writers, journalists, lawyers, speakers and sometimes comedians. Corrupt GEMINI lawyers are said to be able to lie out of both sides of their mouth at the same time.

The key to getting real change to happen is to convince people that something better, like an idea, is possible and when they agree with that idea, Progress is made. Talk is the communication necessary to achieve this end. The INTERNET is GEMINI.

Marilyn Monroe was a Gemini. Alanis Morissette, Bob Hope, Connie Selleca, Yasmine Bleeth, Helen Hunt, Elizabeth Hurley, Jewel, Nicole Kidman, Andy Griffith, Meryl Streep, Donald Trump, Phylica Rashad, Paul McCartny are Gemini. The Gemini President have been John Kennedy and George Bush.

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