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Sagittarius by Jim D'Amato


Psychological Definition

SAGITTARIUS - Social Non-Survival Dynamic

Born a Sagittarius?

SAGITTARIUS begins on November 21st or 22nd and ends with the Winter Solstice on December 21st.

EXACTLY 30 degrees of arc in a 360 degree circle around EARTH is the standard that defines all the Astrological signs [30 degrees X 12 Signs and the ZODIAC. EACH !!, Astrology Sign is an absolute measure of distance, 30 degrees 0 minutes 0 seconds of arc out of 360. That, only, sets the boundaries of the Signs not a certain number of days. AND. There is no such thing as a cusp when it comes to SUN SIGNS. That's why some people born on April 21st are ARIES and some are TAURUS, also that's why some people born on June 22nd are GEMINI and some born on September 23rd are still VIRGO'S.

SAGITTARIUS is related to the Planet JUPITER.

Jupiter is the largest planet in our Solar System with a diameter of 88,000 miles. JUPITER is 1/10 the size of the SUN. Jupiter is a basketball if the EARTH is the size of a quarter. Jupiter is 484 million miles from the SUN and rotates on it's axis in 9.8 hours. Jupiter takes 11.9 years to rotate around the SUN.

The Centaur is the Symbol for Sagittarius. The Centaur is half man half horse.

SAGITTARIUS is associated with the Thighs of the human body.


All the FIRE Signs have the words Non-Survival" as part of their psychological definition. Non-Survival is the keyword for change which means adaptation. The FIRE Signs create change in anticipation of the future and it's different needs. Many times the FIRE signs create change just for the sake of something different and do not understand the consequences of the change.

SAGITTARIUS wants to "Reform the Society".

SAGITTARIUS, the crusader, usually shouts all it's many reforming beliefs from the roof-tops. Sometimes a Sagittarius doesn't know when to be quiet about it's views and the "Establishment" confines or eliminates them [Examples; Bhagwan Ragneesh and JOAN of ARC]. Sagittarius makes a bad spy, it talks too much and can't keep secrets.

SAGITTARIUS is the spiritual leader of the ZODIAC being very "high minded". It also loves international travel. Sagittarius is likely to be very social, energetic, of higher consciousness and may subscribe to the theory of ONENESS in the Universe.

SAGITTARIUS may be a travel agent, preacher, teacher or just plain crusader.

Sagittarius Presidents have been Martin Van Buren, Franklin Pierce and Zachary Taylor. Christina Appellate, Brad Pitt, Teri Hatter, Marisa Tommae, Anna Nicole Smith, Kim Basinger, Tracy Austin, Jane Fonda, Bette Midler, William F. Buckley, Bo Jackson and Frank Sinatra are SAGITTARIANS.

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