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Scorpio by Jim D'Amato 


Psychological Definition

SCORPIO - Family Survival Dynamic

Born a Scorpio?

SCORPIO usually starts on the 22nd of October and extends until November 21st.

EXACTLY 30 degrees of arc in a 360 degree circle around EARTH is the standard that defines all the Astrological Signs [30 degrees X 12 Signs] and the ZODIAC. EACH !!, Astrology Sign is an absolute measure of distance, 30 degrees 0 minutes 0 seconds of arc out of 360 total. That, only, sets the boundaries of the Signs not a certain number of days. AND. There is no such thing as a cusp when it comes to SUN SIGNS. That's why some people born on April 21st are ARIES and some are TAURUS, also that's why some people born on June 22nd are GEMINI and some people born on September 23rd are still VIRGO'S.

SCORPIO is ruled by MARS. Those who disagree with this statement have not studied the ancient science of Pure Mathematical ASTROLOGY.

MARS, the red planet is 4,220 miles in diameter about 1/2 the size of EARTH. Mars rotates on it's axis in 24.6 hours, takes 687 days to travel around the SUN, almost 2 years. MARS is approximately 141.7 million miles from the SUN.

SCORPIO has three symbols. Scorpio the only ASTROLOGY sign to have more one symbol. The Scorpion is the best know symbol for Scorpio but the Eagle and the Serpent also are or have been used in many ancient cultures.

SCORPIO represents or relates to the Sex Organs of the body.


SCORPIO represents Family Survival or perpetuation of the species, i.e. reproduction, which is done through the act of SEX. The constant creation of new babies makes survival of our species a foregone conclusion. Without a constant flow of new children the existing variety of species on planet EARTH would all die, be it amoebae or dolphin, algae or giant redwood, mouse or man.

SCORPIO is legendary for it's sexual prowess, that is it's FIXED function.

SCORPIO is intense and sometimes violent. Scorpio is always the dichotomy of Life and Death. Scorpio's make a good surgeons, business executives, military commander's, politician's or mom-and-pop business operator's.

Jenny McCarthy, Daisy Fuentes, Demi Moore, Leonardo DiCaprio, Hillary Clinton, Lauren Holly, Julia Roberts, Grace Slick, Whoopi Goldberg, Winona Ryder, Ted Turner, Art Garfunkle, k.d. Lang, RuPaul, Jodie Foster and Prince Charles are all Scorpio. The 5 Scorpio Presidents have been John Adams, James K. Polk, James Garfield, Teddy Roosevelt and Warren Harding.

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