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Taurus by Jim D'Amato


Psychological definition

TAURUS - Family Survival Dynamic Holder

Born a Taurus?

TAURUS begins on April 21st and extends to May 21st, most of the time.

EXACTLY 30 degrees of arc in a 360 degree circle around EARTH is the standard that defines all the Astrological Signs [30 degrees X 12 signs] and the ZODIAC. EACH !!, Astrology Sign is a absolute measure of distance, 30 degrees 0 minutes 0 seconds of arc out of 360 total. That only, sets the boundaries of the Astrology Signs not a certain number of days. AND. There is no such thing as a cusp when it comes to SUN SIGNS. That's why some people born on April 21st are ARIES and some are TAURUS, also that's why some people born on June 22nd are GEMINI and some people born on September 23rd are still VIRGO'S.

TAURUS is represented by planet "Y" in our Solar System.

"Y" is an undiscovered planet beyond Pluto and the next to last planet in our SOLAR SYSTEM. Astronomers at Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, Arizona think they may have spotted planet "Y" but it will be a few years before they are sure, photographic proof is needed and that proof comes from proving Retrograde motion. The size and shape of "Y" are unknown but it is known that it takes approximately 500 years to revolve around the SUN and is some 8 billion miles from the SUN.

The BULL is the symbol for TAURUS.

TAURUS represents the Throat in the Human body. Many of our best singers are Taurus, Bing Crosby, Barbara Striesand, Cher, Willie Nelson, Judy Collins and Billy Joel.


All the EARTH Signs have the word Holder attached to the psychological definition for a reason. EARTH by nature holds things. IN ASTROLOGY, EARTH holds WATER. Therefore EARTH is attached to the existing establishment.

TAURUS holds [supports] the established FAMILY structure created by SCORPIO. TAURUS's whole purpose in Life is to provide a home for it's family. That is one of the reasons TAUREAN'S are the second most wealthy of the ASTROLOGY signs. TAURUS likes luxury and open space. TAURUS may be in the land business. Taking the psychological definition literally, It's obvious why ASTROLOGERS have always associated Taurus with LAND and ESTATES.

TAURUS is also very sexual. TAURUS makes a place to live for the family created by SCORPIO.

Young TAUREAN'S are very concerned by what their family thinks of any possible mate. TAURUS is the most likely to wait until mid-life to get married.

TAURUS negative side is that it can hold on so tight to society's existing family structure that it will exclude others who are not of like kind. Taurus may be Prejudice!

Janet Jackson, Uma Thurman, William Randolph Hearst, Shirley Temple, Jack Nickelson, Grace Jones and Willie Mays are Taurus. Taurus Presidents have been James Monroe, Ulysses S. Grant and Harry Truman.

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